A few lessons about Public Swimming Pool Safety

If you are not lucky enough to have a pool in your Gold Coast backyard– or if you are a swimmer who would prefer lap pools– then chances are you like going to the local pool and bringing the kids along. Your kids may love the pool, playing around and having a good time– you should bear in mind that it is still a pool and there are a number of safety steps that you need to make sure you are taking.

Just remember, while there is a lifeguard at public swimming pools– it is nevertheless your primary responsibility to look after your children. The life guard has to keep control over the whole area, and if you can try to keep your child under control, and avoiding accidents it will make everything much easier.

The Significance of Etiquette
A good lesson to explain to your children at public pools is ‘pool etiquette’. This is about being aware of your surroundings and respecting other people who are also making use of the pool.
Basic pool etiquette means making it possible for others to be able to enjoy their swimming. Splashing may be fun for kids, but it should be done in the kids ‘play’ area of the swimming pool, and never splashing people they don’t know. Similarly, they should learn about lane ropes, and that they should not cross them whilst playing because they can easily frustrate other swimmers. Finally, you should teach your kids to shower before entering the pool for hygiene reasons. If you are raising young kids, you can certainly see the importance of having them learn a healthy respect for other people; having fun shouldn’t be at the cost of other people’s fun.

Kids love to play in swimming pools, and so instructing them from a young age to have a well-balanced respect for pools, pool safety, and people is unbelievably important. Taking precautions to make sure they are safe is always in our best interests. Taking an active and enthusiastic part in pool safety is always a good approach. if you have a pool in your home, the same lessons should be applied here– active supervision, safety, etiquette, and fun. Nevertheless, keep in mind that in your home there is no lifeguard to assist, that is why you should make sure that you have a safe pool and pool fence that is accredited and installed correctly.

If you have any questions about pool safety feel free to contact Absolut today on 1300 937 902 to talk about your pool safety or pool fencing needs. We can help chat through how best to keep your pool experience safe for everybody

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