Gold Coast Pool Fencing and Disabilities - the exceptions you should know about

Gold Coast Pool Fencing and Disabilities – the exceptions you should know about

If you reside on the Gold Coast with a mobility disability you may be qualified to make an application for an exemption to the Queensland Pool Fencing Regulations if it impacts your ability to get access to and utilize your swimming pool.
In Queensland and all around Australia there are strict pool fencing laws that every pool owner must adhere to or face a harsh penalty.

The regulations in Queensland mean that you have to have a pool fence that is:

  • At least 1200mm high
  • Has no openings larger that 100mm under the barrier
  • No gaps bigger than 100mm in between vertical posts or panels in the fence
  • Must not have any climbable items within 900mm of the fence as this would reduce the effective height below 1200mm
  • Must not have any doors or windows open directly into the pool area, avoiding the fence.
  • Must have a self-close latch that closes from any open position
  • The latch must be 1500mm from the ground level and 1400mm from the lowest horizontal rail.
  • Must have a CPR sign showed in the pool area.

Having said that, for some people in our community this can be challenging to adhere to if you have a disability. Among one of the most common examples is for people in wheelchairs. If you have a wheelchair, there ought to be nothing in the law stopping you from enjoying your pool. However, it could be a challenge if you need to have the gate latch situated at 1500mm above the ground because it might be out of easy grasp of a person in a wheelchair.

If you have a disability which makes it impractical to comply with the Queensland Pool Fencing regulations you can contact the local council to apply for an exemption. However, you can only get an exemption to the rules if the current rule will deny you access to the pool, and if you in fact live on the property where the pool is located.
Any exemption allowed will only cover the extent necessary to overcome the impracticality of the rule– that means that if you are permitted to lower the gate latch, you can not simply ignore the rest of the rules.

If you have to apply for an exemption, the best place to start would be contacting the Queensland building and construction commission or the speak with the ‘Pool fencing on private property’ contact at the Gold Coast City Council.
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