Absolut's much-loved Fun and safe swimming pool games

Absolut’s much-loved Fun and safe swimming pool games.

At Absolut and Affordable Glass Fencing, we think that your Gold Coast pool should be an area of safety, and fun. That is why we would like to show you some of our favourite pool games from our youths, and also that we still play with our kids even today. These activities are safe and fun and so you ought to be able to relax a little bit more around the pool and see the area really grow into one of the finest areas of your house.

Treasure Hunt
It is a fun hunting game and can be done using pretty much anything around the home– or by purchasing special toys from stores. The treasure hunt game is all about attempting to pick up various ‘treasures’ along the floor of the pool. To play this game you need to have a number of items that will sink– think about weighted toys, coins, marbles, or special dive toys that are weighted for this sort of game. You then just hide these in the pool– or throw them in– and after that the players should try and pick up as many as they can.
For safety, make sure that you don’t toss anything that might break, or is made of glass. And always make sure that the players know it is a fun game, and friendly competition– if two players choose the same item, it can result in some underwater accidents if they are overly set to win.

Noodle Races
Every single kid loves to go fast in the pool, and Noodle races are an ideal way to make it a fun activity, while giving everyone a possibility to win.
How do you play this game? It’s exceptionally simple. All you need is a group of kids, and a bunch of swimming pool noodles. Pool noodles are foam rolls that curve up and, if you have them, then you know kids love playing with them in the pool. Each child gets a single pool noddle which they rest in the middle of, one leg on each side. Once every kid is on their noodle, they line up at one end of the swimming pool and you shout ‘go’ and these kids race to the opposite side.
To make it interesting, you can set a wide range of rules each time– such as,

  • only allowed to make use of legs,
  • only allowed to use arms,
  • if your noodle gets away from you, then you are disqualified
  • you can also make it like a three-legged race where 2 kids need to link arms and race against other teams of two. This keeps it more challenging and more fun.

The great feature of this game is that it is safe, and it is using safe toys in a fun way. If there are any issues, the kids will always have floating toys all around that they can grasp onto and catch their breath.

These two games may be ones that your kids have enjoyed before– or they could be new ones to check out this summer. Remember though, if you ever have kids that are young, or are not confident swimmers, ensure they are continually supervised– people and kids can drown in a backyard swimming pool as easily as anywhere else. Safety starts with you, your supervision, and your pool fence. One way to do this is to install a premium Gold Coast Glass Pool Fence – and don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 937 902 if you want to talk more about this. But in the end pool safety is about having children (and adults) learn more about safety, and ensure that they play safe around the pool.

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