Shock and electrocution risks – ways to stay safe in your Gold Coast swimming pool


Swimming pool safety is vital on the Gold Coast, so you ought to make sure that your pool area is safe to make sure that no one gets injured. Pool Fencing is a vital part, and if you need to have one installed or upgrade, please give Absolut a call on 1300 937 902 but remember, creating a safe area is not simple, and is so much more than just installing a pool fence. That is why today Absolut wants to talk to you about shock and electrocution risks in your pool, and how people can stay safe.
We should all be very aware that electricity and water does not mix well for people in the water! When in the bath or shower, we understand not to use electronics, and this care will need to be had for the pool. This, at its most basic level, means not using any electronics, and keeping all of them at a safe distance– for instance, if you are having a party outside, do not place the radio or speakers in the pool area.
We strongly recommend that you take further safety measures and any electric devices, including external entertainment equipment, should be connected to safe electronic outlets, such as Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (known as GFCI) you can find these at the majority of electronic stores– just ask for a waterproof power board and cables and they should guide you in the right direction. These steps will make certain that if anything occurs with the water the circuit will be broken and there will be no pool shock or electrocution threat.

Should you swim during a thunderstorm?
Short answer, No.
As a recent article put it

” About 10 people die each year from lightning strikes in Australia, with a further 100 injured. That means it’s more likely you will be hit by lightning in your lifetime than win the lottery.”

Most public swimming pools function with a ’30-30 rule’– 30 seconds unsafe, 30 minutes until safety. This means that if there is less than 30 seconds between the Lightning flash and the Thunder roar then the lightning is nearby and you should really not be in the pool. You will then know it is safe if you delay at least 30 minutes from the last 30-second-close Lightning strike. If you really want to check the distance of thunder and lightning in Australia then the Bureau of Meteorology has a thunderstorm tracker that can help show you roughly how close the lightning strikes are, and what direction it may be traveling.
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