Do you have the right Building permits for your Gold Coast Pool Fence

Do you have the right Building permits for your Gold Coast Pool Fence?

One of the usual mistakes that people make on the Gold Coast is simply to not have the right kind of building permit or permission prior to commencing the renovation work or home improvements. If you are considering making changes to your pool, or perhaps add in a pool then perhaps this little guide can help direct you in the right direction. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Absolut Custom Glass on 1300 937 902 and we will more than happy to talk through your fencing questions. Depending where exactly you are with your project, you may need to either build a Pool and a Fence, or just a Pool Fence.

If you need to only build a fence, replace the existing one, or update your fence to be compliant, then you might not need a building permit to begin the job. Any new pool fence or safety barrier will have to comply with laws around height and non-climb zones– you can learn more about it on the Absolut fencing blog or on the qld government website Generally with building permits in the Gold Coast and Queensland, you will most likely not need to get a building development approval if:

  • You are only building a pool fence that definitely will be at the pool safety standard( ie, you can simply be building the fence – you can not construct a large shed and declare it as part of the fence exemption).
  • The fence will not be higher than 2000mm above the ground level,
    OR – if built on a retaining wall or other structure – the fence can not be more than 2m above the wall or structure,
  • However, if building above 2000mm, it can not be in 1.5 m of a border.
  • The pool barrier is checked by a pool safety inspector for compliance with the pool safety standard. If you are setting up a completely new pool or structure in your backyard, then you are going to have to go through an approval process from the city council.
    This will often involve looking for:
  • Building approval – this is where a building will prepare plans and specs and then lodge the intention to build with the local government.
  • Structural stability assessments this will involve a builder assessing not just the physical structure of the planned pool, but the underlying area that the pool will be installed into. This may involve getting an evaluation from an engineer if the terrain is notably challenging.
  • Sewerage and water supply approval – this is to make sure that you have approval for an adjustment to your water supply network and any potential disposal factors to consider. For the most part, your builder will figure out all of your permits that you need for constructing a new pool.

If you are ever uncertain if they have sought the correct authorizations, feel free to talk with them and ask questions. Any competent builder should be happy to talk to you with your needs and ensure that you are happy with the progression of the building job.

From this, we hope you can see how important permits and permissions are, and that you now understand a little more about the type of questions you will have to ask before you start any kind of construction – no matter if through a builder or if it is a DIY task. If you have any sort of concerns about permits, approvals, fencing installations, or DIY Poool Fencing – please feel free to contact Absolut Custom glass with all your Gold Coast and South East Queensland Pool Fencing questions. You can reach Absolut Custom Glass on 1300 937 902

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