The Importance of Active Supervision of Children in pools

Despite whether you have a backyard swimming pool, or if you go to a public pool, you need to make sure that you are positively supervising your children. Your local pool is most likely going to be crowded, especially during summer or after school when generally there are swimming lessons occurring.
When the pool is crowded, you need to be paying extra focus on your children. This means actively observing them. ‘Active Watching’, as the name implies, is about taking a more active and vigilant approach to monitoring your children at the pool. This means that if you have small children you should not be at the pool swimming your own laps, but instead you need to be either in the pool with your kids, or on the sidelines watching without interruption (no books, iPads, phones) The Australian Royal Life Saving society lays out active supervision into 4 steps

  • Be prepared,
  • Be close,
  • All of your attention,
  • All of the time.

If you remain vigilant and attentive to your children it will reduce the risk of mishap at public pools and assist to instil a good safety culture for your family.
Having said that, don’t think this is just significant when at public pools– active supervision is critical when at home as well. Your home swimming pool has no lifeguard to help you, instead it is just up to you. The nice thing is that you are in control of your backyard pool’s safety, and so you may be confident that there are not going to be too many external issues provided that you have had your pool inspected, and have installed a reliable pool fence.

If you have any queries about pool safety don’t hesitate to speak to Absolut today on 1300 937 902 to speak about your pool safety or pool fencing needs. We can help talk through how best to keep your pool journey safe for everybody

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